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The differences between Wild Texas Gulf Shrimp vs. Farm Raised Imported White Shrimp are night and day.
Wild shrimp are caught in their natural habitat by fisherman with Texas browns being harvested in the Gulf of Mexico, whereas farmed shrimp come from aquafarms that can come from anywhere in the world like India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam, often without much regulation. It's a shame that what makes up most of the shrimp on our tables is shrimp that is virtually untraceable. Wild shrimp on the other hand, are thoroughly inspected and regulated by the state and federal government and require care when caught. Overseas and even domestic farmed shrimp often are fed unnatural diets and given antibiotics to compensate for the environments they live in. Brown shrimp out in the wild have a premium, slightly sweet flavor profile due to living in and eating in their natural environment. Farmed shrimp often have a more mild or muted flavor that is better suited to absorb whatever seasoning, marinade, or sauce is introduced. Frankly, we can do better and now, you can eat better.

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