Regal King Salmon

Product is Flash Frozen and Vacuum Packed in 7-9 ounce "Captain's Cut" portions.

Our Regal King Salmon are raised in the majestic marine environment of the Marlborough Sounds at the top of the South Island of New Zealand. It’s the unique mix of currents, water quality and temperatures, the ‘merroir’ of the Marlborough Sounds that delivers an outstanding Regal King Salmon experience.
Salmon lovers will instantly realize that this is the finest quality salmon.
Regal salmon are raised with care and diligently crafted all the way from the harvest at sea, to filleting by hand. The unique qualities of Regal Salmon add elegance to any dish from a simple bagel to delicate finger foods and canapes where taste, texture and visual impact are important.

Product may arrive slightly thawed and can be refrozen or used within 3 days. 

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