Meet The Crew

Meet the people who make Fresh Fish Fast possible.
We're nothing without our fantastic crew!

Israel Sierra

Shipping & Packaging Specialist

Israel is a true foodie and absolutely loves seafood. He came into our market one day and loved everything so much he became a part of our crew! Now he oversees all of our logistics and packaging and also helps us with in house recipes!

His favorite seafood items are Texas Gulf Shrimp, Regal Salmon, and Prince Edward Island Mussels.

Lynda Peterson

Purchasing Specialist

Lynda has a culinary expertise second to none, and a wealth of knowledge on various seafood items. Lynda is directly responsible for sourcing our products and working with Blake to make sure everything is up to standards on quality and taste. She also works with Israel and Eddie on developing new packaging and sourcing materials.

Her favorite seafood items are, Scallops, Texas Gulf Shrimp, and Ahi Tuna.

Vanessa Garcia

Graphic Design & Marketing Specialist

Vanessa spent her childhood always looking forward to weekend retreats to the coast to fish with her father. As she grew up her love for the sea and it's creatures grew as well. Her education in marketing and design paired perfectly with her love of the sea when she joined our team and she is now responsible for all of our amazing graphics and advertisements across various mediums.

Her favorite seafood items are, Ora King Salmon, Texas Gulf Shrimp, and Texas Red Snapper.

Eddie Eshghi

Product Specialist

Eddie is our most veteran member of the team, being with us even from our early days in a small retail store. He is an expert on all things seafood and a constant source of knowledge and ideas for new products to bring in. Eddie works directly with Blake on various projects and also aids Israel with heavier delivery and packaging days.

His favorite seafood items are Ora King Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Snow Crab.

Angel Vargas

Customer Service Specialist

Angel is one of our newest additions to the team but she is already a customer favorite. Angel cheerfully helps our customers navigate our website or aids with any questions or problems.

Her favorite seafood items are, Texas Gulf Shrimp, Crab Cakes, and Catfish.




Danyelle Davis

Sales & Customer Relations Specialist

Customer follow ups and handling wholesale accounts are Danyelle's specialities. Danyelle is one here who will follow up with you on your order to make sure everything was up to standards. She also is the first point of contact between us and any restaurants, chefs, caterers, or large events.

Her favorite seafood items are, Texas Gulf Shrimp, King Crab Legs, and Lobster Tails.


Blake Groomer


Blake comes from a long line of fishmongers, dating all the way back to 1892 with his families first oyster license. Through the generations, from father to son, the family business and knowledge of the seafood world has been passed down. Because of this legacy, Blake has a strong desire to support and promote sustainability in our fishing and aquaculture methods to keep our oceans healthy for generations to come. Blake has two sons, Owen and Kellan, and they already enjoy coming in to our warehouse to learn about seafood from their father.

Blake designs and develops our websites and develops new programs with our team. Fresh Fish Fast was born out of his vision of being able to provide premium seafood to individuals who may not be able to make it out to their local seafood market regularly or who might not have a seafood market in their area.

His favorite seafood items are Crawfish, Scallops, and Red Snapper.