Make An Impact.

Introducing Impact Products From Fresh Fish Fast

 Products That Directly Help Clean Our Oceans.

 In our ongoing mission to become more sustainable, we’ve teamed up with Verdn to attach high-quality impacts to certain products, about 80 percent of our products on Fresh Fish Fast. The impact of each product is unique, transparent, and fully trackable through the organization Empower. After buying an impact product, you’ll receive a link to your very own tracking dashboard, to see what your purchase is doing, where it's doing it, and how it's impacting our oceans for the better. 

The Plastic Problem:

More than 350 million tons of plastic is produced every year – half of which is intended for single use, and less than 10% of which is ever recycled. From this astronomic total, only about 2.3% ends up in the oceans, yet this still means that 8 million tons of waste are added every year; the equivalent of a garbage truck dumped every minute. The number is also growing rapidly, and it is estimated that plastic may outweigh fish in the ocean by 2050. 

The Solution:

Empower is creating a solution to the plastic waste problem by giving plastic a value. We are cleaning up the world while fighting poverty by providing a wage to those in need.
Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system. By giving plastic waste a value we can both stop leakage of plastic into the environment and cost-efficiently incentivize collection of leaked waste. By tracking it and making digital inventories we also ensure that the most of it is reused and recycled, and you can help be a part of it.

How Can You Help?

There's nothing extra needed on your end. When you see this banner on an item on Fresh Fish Fast it will indicate what a portion of your sale will go towards. Every kilogram of plastic harvested makes up about 80 plastic bottles. You will be sent a link after purchase that will allow you to track what exactly your purchase went toward, where it helped, and how. All you have to do is order like usual and by enjoying seafood you can help clean up our oceans.

Become Plastic Positive.

Together we can achieve our goals.