About Us

Who We Are

Hi, we’re Fresh Fish Fast. America’s local fishmonger. We bring our sustainably sourced seafood straight from the shore to your door. So, whether you’re too busy to go to the grocery store or don’t live near the sea, you can enjoy fresh fish all year round. Our subscription boxes are designed to bring convenience to seafood lovers,
no matter where you are.

Family Owned & Operated Since 1892

Groomer Family

(From left to righ)t Back Row: Rick, Russell, & Mike Groomer Front Row: Leslie, Giby, Susie, & Blake Groomer

We started Fresh Fish Fast in 2020 when it became difficult for people to get out to their local fishmongers. The benefits of eating fish are endless. We wanted to give people a safe way to
enjoy the delights of the ocean.

But, we wanted to go bigger than Texas. We know people all over the country want fresh fish.

Now, with Fresh Fish Fast, come home to fresh fish on your doorstep,
whether you live in Dallas or Denver.

You want to know where your fish comes from. And we give you confidence that your seafood is sustainably sourced. We might not be the fishing company at the end of your road,
but we want you to feel like we are.

Our fresh & flash frozen seafood, including Snow Crab, King Salmon, and Red snapper, goes directly from shore to door. We can trace it back to the exact fisherman who caught it for you.

The Ocean Is Our Legacy

The ocean feeds us with its treasure. We give back by working only with fishers with sustainable fishing practices.
For every order, we donate to Empower, which removes plastic from the sea.

"The Ocean is my family's
past, present, and future.
We are committed
to protecting Her."

- Blake Groomer