Flounder Fillet


Origin: Gulf of Mexico or East Coast

Flounder is a small-medium sized flatfish which is prized around the seafood world for its extremely mild, sweet white flesh.  Due to the softness of Flounder fillets they are best suited for baking, sautéing, pan-frying, and broiling.  One helpful tip when cooking Flounder is to always make sure and baste the fillets in butter, oil, or other sauces to keep the lean meat from drying out.  Also take special care when flipping the fillets as the delicate meat is prone to tearing if roughly handled.   In Asian and South American cuisine flounder is often steamed whole and served over rice


*Sizing on this product can range greatly, we will do our best to meet your portion size specification but if this is not possible we may have to cut for just total weight instead of portion specifications.*

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